Longboards are classics for a reason. Let's find the right one for you!

The moment you paddle out, catch a wave and do your first bottom turn on a longboard, you are instantly transported back to a simpler time of surfing. A time when speed and style were paramount. These shapes have been carved in stone have earned a spot into every true surfer's quiver.  Tim Bessell has been making surfboards for over 30 years and has procured shapes that he believes to be the epicenter of where surfing came to be what it is today.

la paloma longboard logoLa Paloma


A classic California gun shaped board. As a longboard with a pulled in nose, this board will give you the all benefits of a longboard like paddling power while its gun shape is meant for bigger surf. Among others, it is loved by gnarly old guys still charging it.

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The Modern Classic Longboard


This design takes the classic lines from the past with a modern influence to bring you what every nose rider wants. Stability while on the nose, and the ability to step back and maneuver with ease.

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The "Classic"


An authentic retro classic longboard shape that is as much iconic as it is fun to ride. These boards are made true to the classic techniques handed down through generations of master shapers.

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