Hybrid Surfboards

Having your cake and eating it too...

When you are not sure what the conditions are going to be like, there is no safer bet than to take out a hybrid surfboard. You will be catching more waves than the performance surfers yet having more mobility and creativity than the longboarders can even dream of. Hybrid surfboard shapes are designed to allow you to have fun in any condition and remove the guesswork of picking the right board.

Thrill Pill


Ever wish there was some wonder drug that made every surf session more fun than the last? Well, the Thrill Pill does just that. This board is the all-around favorite for surfers at every skill level because it can catch any wave, pivot like shortboard, and cruise like a longboard. On days that you are thinking of not going out cause the conditions suck, take the Thrill Pill and have a blast.

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The Barracuda is not your average fish. Fast, cunning, and aggressive is its nature, which is exactly what this board is. Full volume in the chest foiled through the nose makes paddling a breeze.  Both the nose and tail are pulled in to give more performance than any fish you’ve ever seen.

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The Rocket

Not your dad's funboard. The Rocket is fast, fun, and floaty. The thumb tail gives you turning radius that would knock your dad's tube socks right off. The width at the center continues further to the nose, giving you an all-access pass to any wave and the freedom to experiment with footwork and placement. Your dad will say, "Hey that is the exact board I used to have." and you can say, "It's Snot dad, trust me."

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The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is great for beginners all the way to experts. This shape allows it to carry a lot of speed and drive. This board is a wave catching machine.

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