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Microchip Microchip

This board is a standard issue high performance shortboard. It is the mini me of the Macrochip, intended for the little ripper who is for surf obsessed, sponsor seeking, and sits in the back seat at school. The perfect board for the relentless grom, the core of the core.

Story behind the model: “Every inspiring surfer needs the best equipment. After a decade of research and development, it doesn’t get much better that this. The micro is the A-lister.”
Standard Configuration:
Length: 5'- 6'8"
Width: 17" - 19"
Thickness: 1.5" - 2.5"
Bottom: Triple Concave, Single Concave
Tail: Squash, Rounded Squash, Swallow
Fins: Tri Fin, Quad Fin System
Color: Custom color available
Available in: Polyurethane, EPS, XTR, 50/50 (EPS Core, XTR Rails)

Also available in Parabolic Technology
Features and Benefits: Latest technology goes into these boards along with the lightest strongest blanks, most exact highest quality craftsmanship. It is truly high performance, modern, fast, loose. Not for kooks.

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